Why Denmark?

Denmark is one of the most digitalized countries in the worldand the Startup Denmark programme opens the door to a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem in which you can grow your business.

What does Denmark offer you as an entrepreneur?

In Denmark you get free of charge guidance by public business experts and we have a strong ecosystem of both public and private entrepreneur supporters who can help you grow your business.

With access to one of the world’s best countries for entrepreneurs, we are counting on you to seize the opportunities!

We help you launch your business

In Denmark there are 6 publicly funded Danish Business Hub at 12 different locations around the country. At your local centre, you can get free, independent and professional guidance – targeted to fit the needs and potential of your business. The centres specialise in business operations and development. Among many other things, they can offer guidance on loans, venture capital and other funding sources.

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Join a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem

Denmark has a large network of public and private entrepreneur supporters, accelerators and incubators. You will have access to pitch competitions, investment funds, collaborative research centres and much more to unleash the potential of your startup.

Denmark is also a hub for cutting-edge companies in a variety of industries. This includes some of Europe’s top clusters regarding life science, ICT, design, cleantech and sustainable energy.

Tap into public and private funding

Startups in Denmark have access to a range of both private and public funding opportunities. To find out which opportunities are best suited for your business, you are advised to contact your local Business Hub, where you can get free guidance from public business experts.

As an example, you may be eligible to apply for funding through programmes run by one of our publicly funded foundations:

Innovation Fund Denmark (“Innovationsfonden”) invests in new initiatives to create growth and employment in Denmark.

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The Danish Growth Fund (“Vækstfonden”) is aimed at promoting the creation and growth of new companies through investments, loans and guarantees.

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A gateway to the European market

Linking continental Europe to Scandinavia, Denmark has a unique geographical location. This is facilitated by an excellent infrastructure that connects your startup with 500 million European consumers.

Leading tech innovation

Denmark is known for its leading tech research and innovative talent pool, which has made lasting impressions in the global software arena. C++, C#, Turbo Pascal and Visual Prolog are examples of programming languages developed by Danish programmers.

In Denmark you will find one of the world’s highest penetration rates for mobile phones, broadband and computers. Our leading position within ICT is driven by the ability and willingness of Danish companies to embrace new technologies.

Most digital in the EU

Denmark is the second most digital country among the EU member states according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2022.

As a leader in digitisation, 98 pct. of Denmark has 5G coverage. Almost all Danes are online, and they make good use of a variety of online services, particularly for banking, shopping and accessing online entertainment. Furthermore, Denmark is leading the EU and the world rankings in the use of digital technologies by enterprises 

Our key industries

Denmark is the most digital country in Europe and the home of many knowledge-intensive industries such as ICT, Life Science and Cleantech. Want to know more about the top Danish industries?

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Denmark is one of the world’s top locations for tech activities, featuring an excellent test market with access to world-class software development talent pools.

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Denmark offers exceptional business opportunities for the fast-growing cleantech sector. Our national goal is to be powered entirely by renewable sources by 2050.

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Life Science

Join our life sciences cluster and turn clinical research into business.

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Denmark’s food cluster is known around the globe for quality, safety, sustainability, organic production, gastronomy…the list goes on.

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Join the maritime industry in Denmark, and enter a dynamic ecosystem within shipping, offshore and technology development. Together we’ll set new standards for the global maritime industry.

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Design & Innovation

Danish design is known all over the world. When companies incorporate good design into their innovations, their earnings, exports and competitive ability are bound to grow.

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