About the programme

Startup Denmark is a visa scheme by the Danish Government to allow talented entrepreneurs to grow high-impact startups or branches in Denmark.

Good to know about the programme

  • Aimed at 

                        1) Innovative and scalable businesses with a clear growth potential. 

                        2) Business owners who want to open a branch in Denmark. 

  • Only for non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss citizens 

What is Startup Denmark?

Startup Denmark is a visa scheme for non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss citizens. 

You apply on the basis of a business plan which is evaluated by an independent expert panel. If the panel approves your business plan, you are eligible to apply for a residence and work permit as a self-employed entrepreneur. The permit is granted for a period of up to two years with the possibility of extension for three years at a time.

Who is eligible to apply?

Startup Denmark is for self-employed persons, and only non-EU (European Union), non-EEA (European Economic Area) and and non-Swiss citizens can apply.

Up to three non-EU/EEA citizens can submit a business plan as a team. If the business plan is approved by the Startup Denmark expert panel the applicants must apply individually for a residence and work permit from the immigration authorities.

A non-EU/EEA citizen can submit a business plan together with EU/EEA citizens if they are part of the team behind the start-up. However, EU/EEA citizens do not need residence and work permits for Denmark due to the EU rules on free movement of persons and services.

Active ownership

You must own a significant part of the company and play an active part in running the business, and your presence must be necessary for the establishment of the business. If you have only economic or financial interests in the business – for example, if you are a shareholder – you cannot be granted a permit based on the Startup Denmark scheme.

If you’re an EU/EEA citizen and want to set up a business in Denmark, you can find  more information here

What types of businesses are eligible?

Businesses such as restaurants, retail shops and small import/export enterprises will generally be rejected before evaluation and thus not presented to the Startup Denmark expert panel.

Does Startup Denmark provide financing?

No. Startup Denmark only provides residence and work permits for accepted applicants. Entrepreneurs are themselves responsible for raising all required capital and must be able to sustain themselves financially. However, businesses in Denmark are eligible to apply for a range of both public and private funding schemes. We leave it to you to make use of the many opportunities.

You must be able to support yourself 

You must provide documentation that you have sufficient funds to cover your first year in Denmark. If your family is accompanying you to Denmark, you must also provide documentation of your ability to support them. 

You must provide documentation that you have (2023 level) 

  • 143,328 DKK if you are in Denmark without any family, 
  • 286,656 DKK if your spouse is accompanying you to Denmark, 
  • 333,816 DKK if your spouse and one or more children are accompanying you to Denmark, 
  • 190,488 DKK if one or more children, but not your spouse, are accompanying you to Denmark. 

Documentation of your ability to support yourself and any accompanying family members could for instance be in the form of a bank statement. 

Read more about the self-support requirement 

Who is behind the programme?

Startup Denmark is an official Danish programme developed by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.



Meet Kamila Kunrath an entrepreneur from Brasil living in Denmark and one of the co-founders of BlueBenu.
In 2018, Kamila Kunrath was approved for Startup Denmark.

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