Launch your business in Denmark

When you launch your startup in Denmark, you will become part of an internationally acclaimed entrepreneurial ecosystem. On this page you’ll find information on how to get your business up and running in Denmark


When both your business plan and your application for a residence and work permit have been accepted, you are ready to launch your business in Denmark and become part of a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Several public initiatives exist to help you grow your business in Denmark. To begin with, you are advised to contact the local Danish Business Hubs.

Danish Business Hubs

Danish Business Hubs are your gateway to both public and private business development initiatives. There are 6 publicly funded Danish Business Hubs at 12 different locations around Denmark. At your local hub, you can get free, independent and professional guidance – targeted to fit the needs and potential of your business. The business hubs specialize in business operations and development. Among many other things, they can offer guidance on loans, venture capital and other funding sources.

For more information, contact the Danish Business Hubs located in the part of Denmark where you plan to launch your startup.

Business Hub – Copenhagen (Hovedstaden)
Phone: +45 30 10 80 80

Business Hub – Zealand (Sjælland)
Phone: +45 55 35 30 35

Business Hub – Northern Denmark (Nordjylland)
Phone: +45 70 21 08 08

Business Hub – Central Denmark (Midtjyland)
Phone: +45 70 22 00 76

Business Hub – Southern Denmark (Sydjylland)
Phone: +45 70 23 55 25

Business Hub – Southern Denmark (Fyn)
Phone: +45 70 23 55 25

Apply for funding

There are many opportunities in Denmark to apply for both public and private funding. You are advised to contact a Business Hub to learn more about the funding that is best suited to your startup. Below are two examples of public funding opportunities.

The Danish Growth Fund

The Danish Growth Fund (“Vækstfonden”) is the Danish state’s investment fund aimed at promoting the creation and growth of new companies through investments, loans and guarantees. The fund invests equity in startups that have significant growth potential yet have trouble raising sufficient venture capital. You may be eligible to apply for one of the fund’s programmes.

Read more about the Danish Growth Fund

Innovation Fund Denmark

The Innovation Fund Denmark (“Innovationsfonden”) invests in new initiatives to create growth and employment in Denmark. You may be eligible to apply for one of the fund’s programmes.

Read more about Innovation Fund Denmark

Setting up a business in Denmark

In most cases, launching your or branch in Denmark is easy. However, if you have trouble finding your way through the system, you are always welcome to contact the Danish Business Authority’s Customer Centre on +45 72 20 00 30.

Residence and work permit

Note that you should be fully approved by Startup Denmark before you launch and start working with your business in Denmark. You are fully approved when you have been granted a Danish residence and work permit by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. The residence and work permit contains a Danish CPR number (personal registration number), which you need in order to register a business in Denmark.

Register your business

Before you can register your business, you should apply for a MitID secure login, if you do not have one already. You should then determine what business type you want to establish and apply for a CVR number via the digital solution, “Start virksomhed” at The CVR number is your business’s official registration number, and it is, among other things, used to identify your business with public authorities and when issuing invoices.

You should also be aware that Danish registered startups are subject to Danish tax laws. The tax payment will depend on the type of the company you have established.

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