Apply for an extension

You can apply for an extension to your residence and work permit if the validity period of your current permit is about to expire.

You can apply for an extension no earlier than three months before your permit expires. An extension can be granted for up to three years at a time. Please note that it is your own responsibility to apply for an extension in due course.

You must submit your application for an extension to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment before the expiry date of your current residence and work permit, even if the expert panel has not yet finalised its evaluation of your progress report.

Read more about how to apply for an extension and the criteria and conditions below.

How to apply for extension

To apply for an extension, you must submit an application where you describe the development of your startup. The progress of the company must be approved before you can be granted an extension.  

You apply by clicking on the “APPLY” button and select “Apply for extension” 

The application is evaluated by a representative of the expert panel. The representative assesses whether the company is established and essentially respond to the original business plan. 

Our goal is to notify you about the outcome within five weeks of submission. 

If the progress of the company is approved by the expert panel, you are entitled to apply for an extension of your residence and work permit at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. 

Lack of clarity or ambiguity

If your progress report is substantially unclear or ambiguous, the expert panel representative cannot finalise the evaluation based on the report alone. Where this is the case, you will be summoned to an interview as part of the evaluation. The expert panel’s representative will finalise the evaluation after the interview.

Appeal against rejection of extension

It is possible to appeal against the rejection of your progress report to the Danish Business Authority. A representative of the Startup Denmark expert panel, who was not involved in the original evaluation of your progress report, will be selected to reassess your case.

You will receive instructions on how to file an appeal, if your progress report is rejected.